Digital marketing

How Digital Marketing helps you grow as a company.

For entrepreneurs, merchants, managers, salespeople, marketing or communication managers who want to know how to use Social Networks to promote, sell and reach a greater number of interested and fans of the brand. You will learn about the most used tools and the specific processes to have a presence in social networks. It addresses key issues such as: strategic planning, route objectives, types of content, plus a series of recommendations for each platform.


1- Social Networks: – What are Social Networks for?

– Types of social networks.

– Facebook, the empire of 1,800 million users.

2- Social Networks Vs. Web Pages.

– Positioning in Social Networks.

– Why have a website if I already have a fan page?

– Advantages of the website.

– Advantages of social networks.

3- Online Marketing Channels.

– Website. – Facebook.

– Twitter.

– Instagram

– Medium.

– Snapchat.

4- All about Facebook.

– Fan page and profile.

– Groups on Facebook.

– Content dynamics.

– Facebook Ads.

– Most important policies and functions.

5- The first content managers appear:

– The Community Manager. Profile of the Community Manager. Functions and responsibilities of the Community Manager.

– The Social Media. Profile of Social Media Functions and responsibilities of Social Media.

– The Community Manager & Social Media in Paraguay.

6- Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing before offline marketing.

– Advantage. (Why be on the Internet)

– Disadvantages. . (Why not be alone on the Internet)

7- How to migrate the brand to the Internet. Steps to follow.

– Have a reason.

– Have a goal.

– Identify target and social platforms.

– Identify contents and strategies.

– Start.

8- Ok, I surrender to the social networks. How do I start?

– Analysis. (F.O.D.A) – Objectives. (Short, medium and long term)

– Platforms. (No social network without blog)

РContent. (Goodbye advertising, do we take terer̩?)

– Communication. (learning to converse)

– Bells. (What they expect based on what we expect)

– Measurements. (Results, R.O.I, expectations.)

– Innovation (I undo it and do it again)

9- Tips for not crashing on Social Networks:

– What should I do in Social Networks?

– What should I share?

– What should I not do?

10- Closure / debate.

Hours: 15:00 Hs. – 18:00 Hs.