Inauguration of the Entrepreneurship and Internet Center in Paraguay | Call center for applicants for the first training course

The Center for Entrepreneurship and the Internet is an open initiative of the National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies (SENATIC) of Paraguay, the Association of High Level Domains of the Latin American and Caribbean Code (LACTLD) and ICANN. The objective of establishing the Center is to contribute to the evolution of the Internet ecosystem in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. The Center will serve as a repository of knowledge and a network connection point to acquire and share experience, resources, training and support for the implementation of initiatives and projects in digital environments.

Initially, the focus of the Center will be on the creation of regional capacity on the ecosystem issue of the Domain Name System (DNS) industry. Training and education will provide the opportunity to form teams with relevant partners to share experiences, build a network of experts and find new ways to advance and strengthen the sector.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Center arose from the discussions between SENATICs and ICANN. These discussions resulted in an agreement to support the development of the Internet DNS industry in Paraguay and in the region. LACTLD joined efforts to create synergies among regional operators of country code. The Center is now open and looking for a wide range of industry associations.

Regional stakeholders from the Internet governance community formed an Advisory Committee to guide the implementation and strategies of the Center. The committee is composed of Andres Piazza (General Manager of LACTLD), Antony Harris (Executive Director of CABASE), Ernesto Bojorquez (Commercial Director of, Gabriela Szlak and Celia Leman Friedman (eInstituto), Gonzalo Navarro (Executive Director of ALAI), Leon Sanchez (Partner of Fulton & Fulton SC), Mark King (Caribbean Region, Barbados), Rubens Kuhl (Manager and Vanda Scartezini (Polo Consultores Asociados).

The inauguration of the Center will take place on October 12, 2016 in Asunci√≥n, Paraguay. This celebration will coincide with the first day of the Center’s first training course.

The Center seeks the participation of the community:

Call for applicants for the first training course. The Center asks the candidates of the region to request the first course of the Center. The course, which will be held from October 12 to 14, will cover the commercial, marketing and legal aspects of the DNS industry. The Center will provide travel support to the 10 candidates who best show interest in developing the domain name industry in the region, sharing what they learn in their local communities, developing business models and contributing to the future development of the Center. Learn more and apply
Call for associations. The Center invites contributions from interested partners (regional organizations, private sector companies, individuals) to contribute to the consolidation of the Center, which includes the reproduction of activities in other countries. If you are interested, send an email to