The Center for Entrepreneurship and Internet of the region started its activities in Paraguay

CEILAC (Center for Entrepreneurship and Internet of Latin America and the Caribbean) started its activities in Asunción today after the opening ceremony held in the office of the National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies РSENATICs. This space is the second worldwide and is the result of a joint initiative between the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers, known as ICANN for its acronym in English, and the Association of High Level Domains of Latin America and the Caribbean (LACTLD) and the SENATICs.

Minister David Ocampos and Leticia Romero of SENATICs, Rodrigo de la Parra and Sally Costerton, representatives of ICANN; Andrés Piazza from LACTLD, Nicolás Caballero representing the Internet Governance Forum, national authorities and international fellows.

The mission of CEILAC is to contribute to the evolution of the Internet ecosystem and to foster the creation of capacities on the Domain Name System (DNS) industry. It will be a point of contact and exchange in which to acquire and share experiences, resources, training and support for the implementation of initiatives and projects in digital environments.

The day of the opening coincided with the start of the first training course of the Center, which offers an overview of the DNS industry, focusing on the business, commercial and legal aspects of this sector, of which 10 scholarship students from abroad participate. 10 from Paraguay. The trainings will be carried out until Friday 14 and this group of students will be the first class of graduates in the region. The trainings are dictated by an advisory committee made up of recognized regional representatives of the Internet community.

During the event, Minister Ocampos stressed that SENATICs, rather than contributing to the physical space, aims to add knowledge from this Center, whose main objective is to nuclear and concentrate the entire region. “We want to promote the DNS industry from the commercial point of view, bring together countries to generate exchange of experiences and knowledge, what we intend with this Center is to provide each participant with the tools they need to contribute to this new digital economy because currently There are opportunities to start fast businesses, high impact ventures using this Internet ecosystem. ”

The representative of ICANN, Andres Piazza, acknowledged that there are flaws in some aspects related to the Internet industry in our region. He highlighted the progress made by Paraguay through the NIC to solve DNS security problems. “This Center demonstrates the work of collaborative synergy among several entities to solve these problems, being a positive look for the region and an important advance, I am sure that the year next we are going to show success stories thanks to this endeavor.

One of the advantages for our country is that the Center will have available training for digital entrepreneurs and state officials, in the areas of electronic commerce, digital marketing, digital signature, electronic procedures, internet security, cloud services, open data and web portals.

This will facilitate the training of more people in the area and boost the possibilities of developing the industry.