The Market Study of the DNS in the LAC Region, commissioned by ICANN in January 2016, includes an investigation of the current situation of the Internet and the domain name industry, along with a survey of the best practices for the growth of domain names and an ecosystem analysis. In addition, the study recommends new business possibilities based on benchmarks, and proposes a course of action for the region.

The Market Analysis of the DNS in the LAC Region is available at the following links:

Inglés [PDF, 3.9 MB].
Español [PDF, 2.9 MB].
Portugués [PDF, 2.8 MB].


Daniel Fink

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The Virtual DNS Entrepreneurship Center of the Caribbean aims at building capacity for Caribbean Entrepreneurs in the digital space. VDECC’s objective is to serve as a knowledge and networking resource on digital business opportunities tailored to the Caribbean region. Being Virtual, VDECC will make use of online tools to reach out digital industry leaders to share their messages to Caribbean communities. Knowledge topics will be organised on tracks according to consultations with the regional community.