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Purpose: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is seeking comments on the initial draft of the Latin American and Caribbean DNS Market Survey. The objective of this study is to identify and define the strengths and weaknesses in the industry’s ecosystem within the region, and to develop recommendations on how to move forward in the industry and bring it closer to the opportunities available.

Current status: initial draft of the “Latin American and Caribbean DNS Market Study” published for public comment.

Next steps: Improvements based on the contributions of the community in the draft of the study report for the publication of the final version.

Section I: description, explanation and purpose

Commissioned in January 2016, the study investigates the current state of the Internet and the domain name industry, explores the best practices for capturing domain names and analyzes the ecosystem. Recommends new potential businesses based on global reference points and proposes a way forward for the region.

A consortium led by Oxford Information Labs, LACTLD, EURid and InterConnect Communications is conducting the study for ICANN.

Section II: Background

The ICANN Strategic Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean defined four key areas of interest as a strategic focus for the region. Two of them, namely, Capacity Development and Outreach; and Economic Affairs contemplate aspects to further develop the domain name industry. After consulting with the members of the Steering Committee of the Strategic Plan of LAC, in September 2015 a request for proposal was made to carry out the study to commission a study to investigate the current state of the Internet and the industry of domain names in the region. , define the best practices that have impacted the growth of the domain name market, analyze the broader ecosystem of the Internet infrastructure and online services and describe the impact of those elements on the general evolution of the domain name industry , describes the commercial potential in the domain name industry in this region, and provide suggestions on how to develop the industry and what business models can be adopted throughout the industry chain. The consortium led by Oxford Information Labs was hired in early 2016 and now presents the initial draft of the report for public comments.

Section III: Relevant resources

LAC DNS Marketplace Study [PDF, 3.69 MB]

Section IV: Additional Information
Section V: Reports
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