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What is a Domain Name?

Understand the basics of what domain names are and how they fit into the Domain Name System (DNS). This short video gives you a very informative start. To know more...

Domain Name Industry explained

The domain name ecosystem includes organizations, businesses, and individuals involved in the provision, support, and registration of domain names and related services...

VDECC Saint Kitts and Nevis Event

This September 27 VDECC will host its first live/virtual event  in Saint Kitts and Nevis. It will be discussed best practices for the use of domain names and...

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    The Virtual DNS Entrepreneurship Center of the Caribbean aims at building capacity for Caribbean Entrepreneurs in the digital space. VDECC’s objective is to serve as a knowledge and networking resource on digital business opportunities tailored to the Caribbean region. Being Virtual, VDECC will make use of online tools to reach out digital industry leaders to share their messages to Caribbean communities. Knowledge topics will be organised on tracks according to consultations with the regional community.